Happy Birthday. Get a Job.

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This week marks REvolve’s 2nd birthday, and we are thrilled to announce a huge step toward our ultimate goal:
Our charity partner Central City Concern (CCC), a Portland-based organization focused on providing comprehensive solutions to ending homelessness and achieving self sufficiency, will permanently implement textile management into their operations, and they are hiring a recycling and reuse coordinator to do it! Our pilot was the catalyst for this role, which will be focused on managing and redistributing textiles and other abandoned recyclables. For us, there is truly no better birthday gift.

REvolve has always been about waste reduction for community benefit. Ultimately, the goal is to capture a significant volume of something we throw out and extract the value in a way that helps local people… Education. Job creation. New opportunities. Think FDR meets Captain Planet in the 21st century.

Turns out, textiles are the perfect “waste”, and Portland is the perfect place for our work. We have spent the past 10 months doing a pilot project for textile management with CCC, who describe themselves in three words: homes, health, jobs. During the course of the pilot we collected and sorted nearly 4 tons of clothing, the majority of which came directly from abandoned property in CCC housing. Before this pilot, these items were thrown away.

REvolve built a process to manage these textiles and redistribute them within CCC’s programs and throughout the community. Today our system recovers 86% of the charity’s abandoned textiles for reuse or recycling.

REvolve will continue to work with CCC to ensure a smooth transition from pilot project to formal program, and, of course, we’ll keep you updated along the way. Let’s do some (more) awesome!

Recycling and Reuse Coordinator position details are here.

More info on CCC is here.


  1. Happy Birthday REvolve!!! We are so happy to have all of your expertise as we work at reducing our waste in the community. You have made all of this possible – thank you 🙂

    • Thanks, Catharine! So glad we can work with your amazing team!

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