Team Offsites Begin Sept 2015!

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Textile Recycling 101

Be In the Know. Create Better Product. Change the Industry.


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Building better product starts with understanding what happens at the end of a product’s life. You wouldn’t attempt calculus without knowing basic math, and you can’t build a truly sustainable product without considering its entire lifecycle.

Explore how products can be reused and returned to the supply chain to reduce our industry’s impact. REvolve shares the latest insights on closed loop textiles through hands-on activities, projects, and discussions.

There are end-of-life solutions available for your products today and more in development for the future. Learn how your team can join the change agents transforming how apparel and footwear are made.




Textile Recycling Today and Tomorrow

Explore the second life of apparel and footwear today. Learn about the key players, prevalent practices, and what technology is in development. Uncover options to make the right impact for your team and your company.

Reuse, Upcycling, Downcycling, Recycling

Understand these terms in a context that relates to your business. Discuss the pros and cons and how you can use each to recover lost textile resources. Begin creating a strategy to build a better supply chain for the future.

Consumer Engagement + Take-Back Programs

New take-back programs are launching all the time. Learn the most common practices and evaluate what a successful program could look like at your company.


Content comes from cutting edge companies focused on closing the loop, collaborative research with sustainability experts, and our recent head-first dive into textile recovery. We are offering a limited number of sessions in 2015. You don’t want to miss this

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