True Cost: A Truly Portland Friday

» Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Human Capital, Manufacturing, Recycling, Sustainability, Textiles / Fabrics | 0 comments

It doesn’t get much more Friday in Portland than biking across town to watch a groundbreaking documentary in an independent theater. How lucky is it to live in a place where that’s just a normal Friday night?!? As the movie ran, I sat in the dark knowing the people who made the damp cotton shirt sticking to my skin would never be so fortunate.

True Cost focuses on the negative human and environmental impacts of the fast fashion world, again highlighting many of the issues Elizabeth Cline called out in her book three years ago. It is an exceptionally well made look into a world we have chosen to ignore for decades. After experiencing manufacturing in developing countries, it is impossible to un-see the massive waste or un-breathe the grimy air. While the factories I’ve been in are undoubtedly some of the cleanest, safest, and worker-friendly, too many brands still produce in places like Rana Plaza.

This movie did a tremendously powerful job of showing the human and environmental tragedy behind the things we put on our bodies. Shima, a 23 year old factory worker living in the city of Dhaka, must leave her little girl behind to be raised by relatives in her village. Shima wants her daughter to have a better life than those of factory workers who can be beaten or killed by management for demanding safe working conditions and basic rights. She believes the clothing we wear is made with their blood, and she is right.

Clothing is NOT a disposable item, and we must reclaim the blood that was lost in making it. Watch this movie, understand the real impact of the stuff filling our closets, and tell everyone: Donate, reuse, or recycle your old clothing… Don’t throw it away! #notdisposable #recycleclothes #revolvewaste

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