Recology: Carpet Recycling Landscape

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Recology: Carpet Recycling Landscape

Recology Portland competes with over 35 waste haulers in the Portland metro area, and they operate two facilities to recover recyclables from waste within the region. At these facilities, they must manage a complex stream of inbound materials for recycling and disposal in order to meet state regulations, move closer to their goal of zero waste to landfill, and maintain profitability in a difficult industry. Because of this, they are consistently looking for ways to divert and recycle more of the waste that is hauled into their facilities, and carpet was identified as a material with potential for this purpose.

REvolve launched a research project to provide Recology Portland with the insight and informational resources required to divert carpet for recycling. The final deliverables were a detailed document to increase management’s understanding of this industry segment and quick reference guides for office and plant staff needing to understand and communicate high level details efficiently with internal and external teams.

Recology Portland was able to determine the best carpet diversion options for their facilities and get staff up to speed quickly as a result of this work. They began diverting carpet in January of 2015 and recovered over 686 tons of the material in 7 months.

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