Staples: Recycled Denim Products

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Staples: Recycled Denim Products

Textile waste is a growing global concern, and Staples has a strong interest in reducing the impact of their business through the development, use, and sale of more sustainable products. As textile fiber has been used in paper making for centuries, and many types of paper products are part of business operations today, using textile waste to create quality paper products was identified as an opportunity for sustainable product development at Staples.

Circular products expert Marc Howard worked with Staples to test the concept, develop the product, and implement the program. The project began with producing corrugated boxes made from 50% recycled paper and 50% recycled denim fiber. The indigo dye in the denim gave them an easily recognizable blue color, the boxes were stronger than conventional cardboard, and they received exceptional customer feedback. Because of this success, Staples set up a website to tell the story behind the sustainable box and expanded the project to include office products and corporate promotional items.

Staples was able to develop new sustainable products by working with a textile industry veteran whose expertise covers product development and production through zero waste to landfill solutions. This partnership allowed Staples to create quality sustainable products that are stronger than paper, work within their existing supply chain to produce them, and positively impact the environment.

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