Change of Scenery

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We’ve been busy at REvolve since our last update. As always, we have been focused on empowering leaders from diverse industries to collaborate, innovate, and catalyze circular textiles. We’ve got some great work behind us, more ahead, and one incredibly exciting announcement… Traci has accepted a project management position with Circle Economy. Circle Economy is a social enterprise organized as a cooperative, and they are focused on accelerating the transition to circularity through the on the ground, action focused development of practical and scalable solutions. This is her kind of work, and the role is an incredible opportunity to lead a robust group of global stakeholders in developing two critical components of the circular textile infrastructure: a textile...

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Exciting New Partnership

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The apparel industry continues to call for more sustainable solutions, less impact, and a shift toward circularity. New initiatives are launched with growing frequency, and this summer’s big announcement has upped the ante. In July of 2016, Inditex and Lenzing announced a partnership to advance circular textiles. According to an article on, retail giant Inditex plans to expand its collection, reuse, and recycling program for textiles. Part of the effort will be through increasing unwanted garment collection throughout Spain. Another area of focus will be reclaiming manufacturing waste using Lenzing’s new cotton recycling technology. An important detail for non-geeks to understand is manufacturing scrap, not garments, will most likely feed the...

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Happy Birthday. Get a Job.

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This week marks REvolve’s 2nd birthday, and we are thrilled to announce a huge step toward our ultimate goal: Our charity partner Central City Concern (CCC), a Portland-based organization focused on providing comprehensive solutions to ending homelessness and achieving self sufficiency, will permanently implement textile management into their operations, and they are hiring a recycling and reuse coordinator to do it! Our pilot was the catalyst for this role, which will be focused on managing and redistributing textiles and other abandoned recyclables. For us, there is truly no better birthday gift. REvolve has always been about waste reduction for community benefit. Ultimately, the goal is to capture a significant volume of something we throw out and...

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What Are the Most Sustainable Fabrics?

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Designers ask this question a lot. The savvy offer up personal favorites, including organic cotton, hemp, bamboo (ugh), and anything recycled. So what’s best? It depends… No matter what fabric goes into a product, there will be benefits and drawbacks. Plant-based fibers are natural and renewable. They also need water to grow, and water is scarce. Animal fibers are natural and renewable, but chemicals are commonly used to control pests, and humane practices are not universal. Polyester is a petroleum-based product (as are other synthetics), and we all know this is not a renewable resource. But did you know poly requires very little water to make (compared to cotton), and it can be recycled multiple times? Products aren’t more or less sustainable just because of...

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