Closing the Loop Modules

Understand the Basics…

Get a landscape view of the developing closed loop system including the background, actors, and current concepts and variables surrounding better products. These modules can be used as-is or combined in multiple ways for a customized experience that meets your team’s specific needs and goals. A deep dive can be done on any topic, and many can be trimmed to a high-level overview and added as context to other modules. Contact us to schedule a workshop!


Sustainable Soft Goods Landscape

A landscape view of the developing closed loop system is important for sustainability teams to be effective in creating strategies and meeting their short and long term goals. In this session, we outline the background, actors, and current concepts and variables surrounding closed loop products. We will discuss where your product fits within the landscape, what infrastructure development concerns are at play, and work with you to address key questions or barriers keeping you from reaching your goals.


Executive Briefing

Executive teams must have a broad understanding of the landscape, benefits, and challenges of closed loop to enable their organization’s long term success. This module helps C-suite management get a firm grasp on the actors, concepts, and variables impacting their decisions from a closed loop perspective. We review and discuss the system today, developments on the horizon, outlook for profitability, and engage in an activity with the goal of strengthening participants’ comprehension of the holistic impact of closed loop systems.


Design and Product Creation Considerations

This module helps design teams and product creation teams investigate how materials choices, assembly methods, and multiple product cycles shape the impact of a product. These considerations will help teams use their levers of influence more effectively and embed sustainable thinking into everyday decisions. Participants will also learn what characteristics can make or break a product’s recyclability and explore these details through hands on activity and discussion.


Reused, Upcycled, and Recycled Products Evaluation

This session is designed to grow participants’ understanding of the benefits and challenges of upcycling, downcycling, and recycling. We discuss the opportunities and limitations of these product pathways as well as the benefits and challenges of reaching scale in each case. Participants will see, feel, and explore a range of products on the market today and think critically about short and long term solutions to realize multiple product cycles within their lines.


Take Back Programs and Product Returns

How do take-back programs work, what are the benefits and challenges, and how can product returns create an impact? Are there new ways to reclaim previously sold product and extract additional value? The goals of this session are to help participants explore opportunities to return product to the supply chain, incentivize customer participation, and identify redistribution channels for these items. It culminates with an active strategy session to explore these options.


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