Consumer Engagement Modules

Spread the Message…

Highlight opportunities to draw in consumers and collect the right data to create more value within a brand’s sustainability strategy. These modules explore messaging that is straightforward and changes consumer behavior, maximizing point of sale interactions, and capturing both quantitative and qualitative data to inform sustainability strategies. A deep dive can be done on any topic, and many can be trimmed to a high-level overview and added as context to other modules. Contact us to schedule a workshop!


Educating the Consumer

Changing the way our society fundamentally interacts with soft goods takes a strong commitment to community education in a space that isn’t typically known for teaching and learning. This session walks through the basics of strategy and messaging behind crafting educational opportunities, venues, and events for consumers. Honing in further on messaging, participants will also walk away with the dos and don’ts of “green” messaging to avoid being pegged as a “greenwasher” by consumers.


Point of Sale

The point of sale could be considered the most crucial moment in consumer engagement. This session is an ideation and development workshop in which participants explore how the sale interaction can be used to cultivate a closed loop system. Both brick & mortar retail and e-commerce sales can be tailored to encourage consumers to reduce their impact while engaging with your brand.

For those organizations with physical retail stores, retail team-training add-on sessions are available to discover how your brand representatives could be adding long-term brand value to every customer interaction.


Data Collection

Course description coming soon…


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