Pilots: Clothing Rescue

CCC Clothing Rescue




Oct 2014 – May 2015



Central City Concern (CCC) in Portland, OR, manages over 1600 units of housing for people transitioning out of homelessness, who are in recovery, or have other barriers to finding housing. Abandoned clothing and textiles are a significant proportion of their Housing Program’s waste stream, and the org’s Green Team wanted to stop landfilling these items.



  • Evaluate textile waste from housing
  • Map internal needs and requirements to recover it
  • Design a system to collect, sort, and redistribute abandoned clothing and textiles



REvolve and CCC have created a system to reclaim clothing abandoned in CCC property, a long-time line item on the Green Team’s wish list. We processed nearly 4 tons of textiles during the pilot and recovered the majority of it for recycling and local reuse. The organization now has the ability to integrate and scale a modular textile management program in 2015.


The Data*:

Total Textiles Handled = 7700 lbs

Total Reused or Recycled = 86%

Water Saved = 4.6M gal

Chemistry Saved = 6600 lbs

CO2 Saved = 53,000 lbs

*Figures based on Bureau of International Recycling statistics (1 lb textile = 700 gal H2O, 1 lb chemistry, 8 lbs CO2)


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