Our Expertise

We are a collaborative, project-oriented consultancy solving end-of-life challenges in the soft goods industry. REvolve executes research, maps recycling options, creates management systems, engages consumers, and explores the future. With REvolve on the team, waste doesn’t stand a chance.



  • Are your products recyclable?
  • Do you have a take-back program?
  • What really happens to your post consumer waste?

The apparel and soft goods industries are under increasing pressure to be more sustainable throughout the entire product life cycle. REvolve has expertise in product reuse and recycling, textile waste management skills, and offers educational sessions addressing post consumer waste. Our work provides brands the opportunity to truly understand textile recycling, reclaim their own waste, captivate consumers, and create a more sustainable future for the entire industry. Contact us to learn more.



  • Do you process used garments in the rag trade?
  • Are you developing a recycling technology?
  • Did you know a new market is developing for old clothing?

Textiles have been reused and recycled for a very long time. Traditional recyclers collect, sort, and redistribute unwanted textiles within a global market, and new recycling technologies turn old clothes into new fabrics. In order to close the loop, traditional recyclers must connect with developing technologies to create the right feedstock for new textile production. We understand the needs of both types of recycler and are bringing them together to create a new market for old clothing. Contact us to learn more.



  • Do you receive clothing or fabric donations?
  • Are these donations managed efficiently?
  • Would you like to connect with other agencies to share resources?

Non-profits provide life changing services to people who need them most, and they regularly receive clothing donations for this purpose. Unfortunately, these groups are not always equipped to manage their donations efficiently. REvolve works with non-profits to streamline their textile management processes, redistribute items they cannot use, and connect with other organizations to share resources. As a result, our partner agencies can focus on their mission first and serve their clients beyond expectation. Contact us to learn more.