Game On, Waste

The Team



Traci Kinden

Founder, geek, evangelist

An obsession with waste reduction and improving the lives of others drives Traci every single day. Her experience within the global apparel supply chain has uncovered a tremendous opportunity to reduce waste and make a positive impact on the planet and the people on it.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, Traci dove into the apparel industry, gaining both strategic and hands-on experience in textile embellishment. This lead to a position in innovation with NIKE, where she connected a wide range of stakeholders and created cutting-edge customization systems for global production. Her work enabled the production of high quality, one of a kind product to scale-up while meeting a stringent budget and reducing waste.

During her time in the corporate world, Traci fell in love with textiles and complex challenges. Since starting REvolve, she has built a rapidly expanding network across brands, the textile supply chain, recyclers, and charities. Through her work in textiles, recycling, and waste management, she is, once again, bringing together stakeholders to solve a complex challenge: closing the loop on textiles.



Emily Gigot

Business brain, strategist, apparel buff

Emily is an effective project manager and strategist, passionate about making a positive impact on the apparel supply chain. She brings several years experience in the fashion industry spanning retail to manufacturing. In 2014, she earned her MBA in Sustainable Business from Pinchot University, where she continues to serve on the Pinchot Board of Trustees.

Combining industry experience and expertise in sustainability, Emily seeks to bring about system change in the apparel industry, focusing on textile waste management and socially responsible manufacturing. In early 2015 she performed the social impact assessment for the impact-focused fashion brand, Nisolo. Through REvolve she’s dedicated to collaborate with industry stakeholders to build a value chain where textile waste is a valued resource.



Marc Howard

Post industrial textile master

What began as a career in garment production led Marc to develop a penchant for returning post industrial and post consumer textile waste to the supply chain. Today he is a seasoned professional with global experience in sustainable business development, packaging, fiber engineering, waste management, and logistics. Marc’s project portfolio includes fiber and product development, transforming waste into resources, circular economy solutions for global brands, and zero-waste-to-landfill programs.

His work with Marks and Spencer, Levi’s, Johnson and Johnson, Gap / Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Staples, Mazda, and many others define the starting point for what is possible when business looks to waste for new resources, and the results of his efforts have begun to uncover opportunities for the future of textile recycling. Marc’s expertise, skills, and ability to masterfully curate relationships make him a valuable member of the REvolve team as we bring together stakeholders to facilitate the development of closed loop textiles.



Joy Fenton

Post consumer textile guru

Over the last 15 years, Joy has become an expert in the complex business of secondary materials brokering in domestic and international markets. She first acquired her skills through roles at Thrift Books and Savers, Inc. Since 2008, Joy has brought significant new revenue and several strategic accounts to Whitehouse & Schapiro within her business development role. Her success is due to her deep knowledge of product, a thorough understanding of global markets, and a proven ability to cultivate and maintain strong partnerships.

When it comes to post consumer garments, Joy knows the industry, the goods, and the complexity of assigning the right value to these items. Her ability to source and broker the most challenging secondary goods coupled with her knowledge of these markets gives REvolve a unique understanding of the benefits and obstacles ahead when introducing used clothing into the apparel supply chain. Joy’s expertise is a critical link to transitioning post consumer textiles into recycling feedstocks within a closed loop system.



Melissa Wolf

Key consumer, community ally, sounding board

Melissa has been a part of REvolve since the beginning, and she knows how important REvolve’s work is for her, her family, and communities around the world. As her children grow, she wants them to understand the value of human and environmental resources and the importance of recycling for the future of our planet.

Her skills and perspective have helped guide this company since day 1. Since leaving a career in telecommunications as a customer service manager, she has been raising two daughters and making the majority of the purchasing decisions in their home. This gives her first-hand experience as one of our target consumers. She has also been actively engaged in redistributing used clothing and craft fabrics within the community, which has provided Melissa with a unique perspective on local need and grass-roots redistribution of unwanted clothing.